About me

Hello, I am Alexander Martinz, living in Wolfsberg (Austria) and I am an Android enthusiast.

Hacking on the Android operating system is my hobby, is it the operating system itself or applications.
Already in school I have decided to turn my hobby into career, so I am currently self employed and working with different clients on different and really interesting projects.

Besides working on projects for my clients, I am also developing my own applications and libraries, which I usually open source on my GitHub and release applications on the Google Play Store.

As I am developing my own custom rom for Android (NamelessRom) I am also really interested in getting all the builds automated and deployed, ready to use. To achieve this, I maintain my own server infrastructure as well, which is really fun for me as I really love Linux and server administration.

This contains multiple build servers, web applications like Gerrit for Code Review purposes, Jenkins for continuous integration, a own Node.JS server to provide an API for OTA updates and much more. All this is running on a single (for some not that) powerful server and split up into containers using LXC.
If you want to know more or are interested in projects, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Work in progress

This website is work in progress though and gets worked on whenever I have some spare time to share.

Please excuse me for this inconvenience!


Alexander Martinz
Koschatstrasse 12A TOP 17
9400, Wolfsberg

Email: alex@amartinz.at
Phone: +43 680 30 55 943